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Music has always been important to me. I've always had an extensive collection of albums, have a number of friends in the music business, and went to numerous concerts and festivals. Had I not had two left ears and stubby arthritic fingers, I might have persisted with my bass playing although I suspect that as with my artwork, I would have been nothing more than a reasonable amateur.

As well as the personal pleasure and the associations the music has with good times in my past, it is also important to my writing. It helps with mood and pace and each book I write tends to accumulate a 'soundtrack'. It is no surprise that I listen to a lot of soundtrack music. The only time I don't listen is when I'm editing. For that I need silence, which is why it tends to get done in the small hours when the rest of the world is asleep.

Here are some of my favourite artists which will tell you something about me and, perhaps, something about my writing.

Aardvark ~ Jon Anderson ~ Andromeda ~ Armageddon ~ Eduard Artemiev ~ Atomic Rooster

Klaus Badelt ~ Harvey Bainbridge ~ Syd Barrett ~ The Beatles ~ Ludwig van Beethoven ~ Bjork ~ Black Sabbath ~ Blodwyn Pig
The Bonzo Dog Band ~ Dave Brock ~ Arthur Brown ~ Pete Brown ~ Kate Bush ~ The Byrds

Robert Calvert ~ Caravan ~ Leonard Cohen ~ Colosseum ~ Andy Colquhoun ~ Ry Cooder ~ Cream

Alan Davey ~ Sandy Denny ~ The Deviants ~ Djinn ~ Donovan ~ Nick Drake ~ Julie Driscoll ~ Ian Dury ~ Antonin Dvorak

The Edgar Broughton Band ~ Evanescence

Fairport Convention ~ Family ~ Mick Farren ~ Free

Peter Gabriel ~ David Gilmour ~ Edvard Grieg ~ The Groundhogs

Peter Hammill ~ Roy Harper ~ Hawkwind ~ Jimi Hendrix ~ High Tide ~ Gustav Holst

The Incredible String Band

Jethro Tull

King Crimson

Late Road Lunatics ~ Led Zeppelin ~ The Lloyd Langton Group

Gustav Mahler ~ May Blitz ~ John Mayall ~ Loreena McKennitt ~ Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix ~ Joni Mitchell ~ Motrhead

The Nice ~ Nightwish ~ Gary Numan

Omenopus ~ Omnia ~ Ozric Tentacles

The Pink Fairies ~ Pink Floyd ~ Porcupine Tree

Sergei Rachmaninov ~ Rammstein ~ The Rolling Stones

Buffy Sainte-Marie ~ Camille Saint-Saens ~ The Sensational Alex Harvey Band ~ Dmitri Shostakovich
Shpongle ~ Jean Sibelius ~ Smoke Fairies ~ Steamhammer

Tangerine Dream ~ Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky ~ Ten Years After ~ Traffic

Van Der Graaf Generator ~ Stevie Ray Vaughan


Hans Zimmer



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