Graeme K Talboys


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Wealden Hill


Thin Reflections
(book one of the 'Storm Light' tetralogy)

(short stories from the 'Storm Light' sequence, illustrated by Carol Burns)

Shadow in the Storm - The Chronicles of Jeniche of Antar

1 - Stealing into Winter

2 - Exile and Pilgrim

3 - Players of the Game

4 - Thunder on the Mountain



Using Museums as an Educational Resource


Museum Educator's Handbook


Museum Educator's Handbook
(Chinese language edition - tr. Chieh Ying Lin)

the Voice within the Wind
(writing as Greywind)


Aaargh!! to Zizz 135 Drama Games

the Path through the Forest a Druid Guidebook
(with Julie White)


Arianrhod's Dance a Druid Ritual Handbook
(with Julie White)

Way of the Druid

The Druid Way Made Easy

Paganism 101 by 101 Pagans
(contributory essay)


as Editor

First Class: Early Works of the Nearly Famous Orchid Station



Daughter of Lightning (Jeniche series two)
In Wake of the Dead
Dancing with Ghosts
Return to Yesterday
untitled fourth book


The Sleeping Sword

Storm Light
The Mirror That Is Made

Projects involved with

Into the Media Web by Michael Moorcock

Sojan the Swordsman by Michael Moorcock (in Sojan the Swordsman/Under the Warrior Star by Michael Moorcock and Joe R. Lansdale)




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