Graeme K Talboys





I am a writer so it should come as no surprise that I read a lot. You cannot write well unless you read widely. My non-fiction is derived from personal experience and backed up with research. My fiction explores the liminal and is, as a result, regarded as fantasy. It is not a label from which I shy, but it is one that is commonly misunderstood. I don't read a great deal of what is commonly found on the fantasy and science fiction shelves of bookshops. As with all genres, I look for and enjoy that which expands boundaries and explores the interstices. Have a look at my favourite fiction authors, the ones to which I return, and you will see what has helped to shape my view of the world and will perhaps understand my interests and the means I use to express how I understand human experience. The more observant of you may notice one or two graphic artists in the mix.

Alain-Fournier ~ Brian Aldiss ~ Margery Allingham

Hilary Bailey ~ J G Ballard ~ Barrington J Bayley ~ Samuel Beckett ~ Alfred Bester ~ Jorge Luis Borges
Leigh Brackett ~ Ray Bradbury ~ Anne Bronte ~ Charlotte Bronte ~ Emily Bronte ~ Nimue Brown ~ Tom Brown
Christine Brooke-Rose ~ John Brunner ~ Charles Bukowski ~ Mikhail Bulgakov ~ Anthony Burgess ~ Edgar Rice Burroughs
William Burroughs ~ Michael Butterworth

Andrea Camilleri ~ Albert Camus ~ Lewis Carroll ~ Angela Carter ~ James Cawthorn ~ Raymond Chandler ~ Suzy McKee Charnas
G K Chesterton ~ Colette ~ Eoin Colfer ~ Richard Cowper ~ Edmund Crispin

Roald Dahl ~ Kathryn Davis ~ Michael de Larrabeiti ~ Daniel Defoe  ~ Len Deighton ~ Philip K Dick ~ Charles Dickens
Thomas Disch ~ Arthur Conan Doyle

Suzette Haden Elgin ~ T S Eliot ~ Harlan Ellison

Mick Farren ~ Catherine Fisher ~ Robert Frost

Maggie Gee ~ Geoffrey of Monmouth ~ Charlotte Perkins Gilman ~ Maeve Gilmore ~ Debi Gliori
Alasdair Gray ~ Graham Greene

Dashiell Hammett ~ Thomas Hardy ~ M John Harrison ~ Herman Hesse ~ Jamie Hewlett & Alan Martin ~ Russell Hoban
Robert Holdstock ~ Aldous Huxley

Diana Wynne Jones ~ Langdon Jones ~ James Joyce

Franz Kafka ~ Anna Kavan ~ Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky ~ Andrey Kurkov

John le Carré ~ Ursula K le Guin ~ Fritz Leiber ~ Stanislaw Lem ~ Clarice Lispector

Ross Macdonald ~ Jean-Patrick Manchette ~ Christopher Marlowe ~ Ngaio Marsh
Jean-Claude Mézières & Pierre Christin ~ Hope Mirrlees ~ Gladys Mitchell ~ Naomi Mitchison ~ Patrick Modiano
Michael Moorcock ~ C L Moore ~ Susan Murray

Edith Nesbit ~ Jenny Nimmo ~ Mary Norton

George Orwell

Mervyn Peake ~ Meredith Ann Pierce ~ Robert Pinget ~ Doris Piserchia ~ Terry Pratchett ~ Anthony Price

Arthur Ransome ~ Philip Reeve ~ Dorothy Richardson ~ Alain Robbe-Grillet ~ Joanna Russ

Francoise Sagan ~ Josephine Saxton ~ Jody Scott ~ Ronald Searle ~ William Shakespeare ~ Bernard Shaw ~ Mary Shelley
Georges Simenon ~ John Sladek ~ Caroline Smailes ~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~ Mary Stewart ~ Jack Trevor Story
Arkady & Boris Strugatsky ~ Jonathan Swift

Bryan Talbot ~ Jacques Tardi ~ Emma Tennant ~ Dylan Thomas ~ Tatyana Tolstaya ~ P L Travers

Tarjei Vesaas

Sylvia Townsend Warner ~ H G Wells ~ T H White ~ Geoffrey Willans ~ Monique Wittig ~ P G Wodehouse
Virginia Woolf

Yevgeny Zamyatin ~ Pamela Zoline



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