Graeme K Talboys





Just by way of getting started, here are some artists who have made an impact on me and who have, over the years, helped to shape my internal landscape. As you can tell, comics played their part, not just in terms of art (stimulating the imagination) but also in terms of craft (the way in which I construct narratives).


Richard Akerman

Frank Bellamy ~ Tom Brown ~ Carol Burns

James Cawthorn ~ John Coulthart

Mal Dean ~ Philipe Druillet

Ron Embleton

Jean Giraud

Don Lawrence

Jean-Claude Mezieres & Pierre Christin
[Valerian and Laureline]

Alan Moore

Mervyn Peake ~ Bruce Pennington ~ Pre-Raphaelite

Tavik František Šimon

Bryan Talbot

Jacques Tardi
[Adčle Blanc-Sec]

John William Waterhouse



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